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Monday-Thursday, 9am-6pm


There are so many hurting souls in this sin-filled world and the laborers in this type of counseling field so few, it's important for a person desiring counseling to be patient and understand that there is a waiting period for appointments. However, during the waiting period, their time will be well-spent in preparing for counseling by filling some requirements!  For those having to wait a little while for counseling, we encourage them to snuggle up to the Lord and trust that in His perfect timing and way, He will provide counseling time for him/her.

In spite of Joe being 80 years old, and Rita, 78, we are so grateful that the Lord is still allowing us the privilege and pleasure of ministering to precious hurting souls.  However, over the past year, due to Joe encountering some of the fallout of the God-ordained aging process, the Lord has instructed him to slow his pace down somewhat.  (Please read Psalm 90:9b-10)  So, there are times when the Lord impresses our hearts that we are to refer some counselees to other counselors we know and confidently recommend, who do this type of counseling.  We are so grateful for these precious laborers in God's fields!  We're so grateful that they use God's truths that are shared in our books and use the counseling procedures and sample prayers in our second book.  These counselors are listed on our website's Counseling Ministries page.  But for those souls desiring to receive counseling from Joe, here are our ministry's requirements:

(1)  The person must fill out a lengthy "Confidential Personal Inventory" form (only to be received from our ministry) and return it to Joe.  Upon receiving it back, Joe reviews it to determine if the person needs 2, 3 or 4 days, then calls the person to set up their appointments which are typically for 2 days, from 10am to 5pm each day, unless the person has been severely abused, like SRA victims.  The counseling procedures are the just takes a little longer.

(2) Before coming for counseling, the person must read our first book "Liberating the Bruised", but it would also be greatly beneficial for the person to also read our second book, "More Tools for Liberating the Bruised" before his/her sessions if there is time.  It would at least be good for the person to read the first 3 chapters and last 3 chapters.  If time doesn't permit, we then urge the person to read it ASAP after counseling because, this partnering book holds many biblical lessons about how to overcome negative behavior, various disorders, addictions, and temptation.  It also shares how the Christian can walk in victory consistently in Godís will.    If you'd like to learn highlights of what the two books contain, please click on the "Contents of Books" and read the table of contents of both books.

While reading the books, the person is encouraged to ask the Lord to help him/her work on as many of the "known" sin issues before his/her first counseling session. For in doing so, this allows more time to deal with the "unknown" issues during his/her sessions.  However, as you can read in some of the testimonies, some people have been able to sit down with the Lord and both of our books, work through their own issues and be blessed with victory over the enemy and peace and joy through our precious Lord Jesus!

Our Joe E. Allbright Evangelistic Assoc., Inc. is a non-profit ministry, a 501 (c) 3, #74-1907672, so love-offerings are tax-deductible.  As the Lord impresses hearts to give love-offerings, they are what supports this ministry and makes it available at no charge.  All love-offerings are very gratefully accepted and are not required for a person to receive counseling.


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