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Dr. Joe Allbright moved into heaven on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, after suffering with congestive heart failure, pneumonia, and a number of other ailments along with Alzheimer's.  He met his Savior the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven and heard Him say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant!  In you I am well pleased!"  We will all miss Joe terribly so...till we meet again!


Due to this terrible Coronavirus going on around the world, we were only allowed to have a family grave side service on Friday, March 27, 2020 at noon.  Joe's services were held in Crockett, Texas on the old Lovelady Road.  That's a dirt road that winds its way a long distance to the top of a hill to Center Hill Cemetery...the same road on which he was born 83 years ago in an old shack, a sharecropper's house.  Lots of lovely trees grace the land that is made up of red clay.  Services were done by a local minister, Pastor Tim Allen and he was fully informed beforehand about Joe's life by daughter Michele.  He preached a perfectly wonderful message...full of a proper balance of seriousness and humor.  Joe would have...humbly...given him an A+!!!  We were all very grateful to him!!! 

Joe had been in the preaching and counseling ministry since 1976.  During the years of his ministry, hundreds of troubled and hurting individuals have been guided to a life of victory, peace and joy. His counseling ministry has always been available to his counselees at no charge. Being an ordained minister, Joe has pastored several churches over a period of eight years before feeling led by the Lord to devote his time completely to the counseling ministry.  There was First Baptist Church of Chita, Texas.  And First Baptist Church of Mt. Calm, Texas and Richland Heights Baptist Church, Tucson, Arizona.  All hold precious memories!  Dr. Allbright had continued preaching in various churches by invitation.

Dr. Allbright sought to multiply his ministry by equipping others for counseling. The teachings presented were based on scripture and proven to be effective by the results of his personal counseling experience, as are the first book, Liberating the Bruised along with the second book that Joe and Rita have written together, More Tools for Liberating the Bruised.


Dr. Allbright knew first-hand the pain of being bruised by circumstances, by people, and by his own wrong choices. More importantly he experienced the joy of being liberated by God's grace and power through the application of the same biblical principles he teaches in his seminars.

His childhood was characterized by poverty, rejection, turmoil, insecurity, anger, bitterness, fear, hatred, grief and disappointment as he experienced the death of his sharecropper father, the rejection of his mother who gave him away, the death of his foster father and the lack of attention from his foster mother who worked as a live-in nurse.  Adult responsibilities were prematurely thrust upon him when at age 15 he dropped out of school to get a job to support himself and his critically-ill foster mother.  Thus began an 18-year futile quest for happiness through financial success, alcoholism and fleeing the call of God.  At age 33, with the support of his faithful and loving wife, Rita, Dr. Allbright turned his life over to the Lord Jesus.

His struggle to overcome the hurts of his past led him through the healing process from God's word that he has shared with countless counselees in his years of one-on-one ministry.  His own complete liberation from bondage as well as the testimonies of the hundreds of hurting-to-healed individuals he has helped can attest to the authenticity of his teachings.

Sacrament Baptist College, B.A.
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Theology Diploma
Trinity Theological Seminary, D.Min.
American Bible College, Th.M.
Clinical Therapist with American College of Counselors
Certified Christian Counselor with International Christian Institute and Graduate School

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

DR. JOE AND RITA, authors of "More Tools for Liberating the Bruised", Rita tells that they married 62 years before his passing.  They married on October 11, 1957 and were extremely grateful to the Lord for their three children, their spouses, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren who are so very precious to them.  Joe and Rita surrendered to serve the Lord together in 1969.  As they looked back over the years, they were amazed at how He caused their pathways to meet---putting two people together who are so opposite from one another in personalities, abilities and talents.  But He knew how to bring balance not only to their marriage, but to His ministry through them as well.  How grateful they were for His unconditional love and readiness to forgive when they failed and strayed!  After writing "Liberating the Bruised" in 1997, in 2010, together they obediently sought His wisdom while writing additional helps through "More Tools for Liberating the Bruised".  Having completed this God-inspired work brings much joy to their hearts in knowing that even after they have moved into their heavenly home, the books can continue to share God's wondrous truths with individuals as well as ministers, missionaries, and counselors who can also lead souls to salvation and lead Satan's captives to freedom through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rita is also a published author of "Such As I Have, Give I Thee" which is out of print but plans are to publish it in the future.  Rita, 81, until Joe's departure to heaven, dedicated her life as secretary, treasurer, and Girl Friday in a volunteer capacity for Joe E. Allbright Evangelistic Assoc., Inc..

(This was written April of 2020.)